MOPH 542 Helps Dallas Vet Center

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donationOur chapter recently delivered a donation of over $600 worth of toys and educational tools to the Dallas Vet Center. The gifts are seen in the room where they are usable by children who are waiting for their parent(s) who are undergoing counseling.

The Dallas Vet Center on Greenville Avenue assists returning veterans and their families in their counseling needs as they re-acclimate back into society after separation from the military. The gifts and the amount spent for them were voted on and approved by the membership were all deeply appreciated. Additionally, a plaque designating the gifts as donations from Chapter #542 – The Dallas Chapter – will hang in the room.

This is just one of many donations Military Order of the Purple Heart Chapter 542 makes each year to individual Veterans and Veteran organizations.  To learn how you can help this cause see our donation page.